IBS Ofenbau corporate film

IBS Ofenbau Unternehmensfilm ( german )

The finishing of your parts in good hands

Our service is a complete package!


We will clarify with you in advance important issues for the production of your components.

spare parts

We supply you with all necessary spare and wearing parts.

full refurbishment

Conversion for production change? We equip your industrial furnace and take care of all modifications.


You want to train employees or yourself have information needs? We know all the usual facilities and share our knowledge with you.

service & support

Only well-maintained facilities guarantee a faultless and constant production. This service is part of our daily business.

we build your industrial furnace

We plan, design and build industrial furnaces. From the idea to the finished part produced, we accompany you and assist you even during the production.

used furnaces

In many cases, you don’t have to build an oven from scratch. We also have good, used ovens in range, which you can purchase from us in perfect technical condition.

We look forward to you!